Colleen Lally is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Clarity Counseling and Wellness, seeing clients in the Chicago-Lakeview and Lombard locations. 


You feel stuck.  This isn't the life you pictured and your day-to-day existence leaves you feeling unsatisfied and looking for ways to escape. Despite your best efforts, nothing seems to create change.  My hope is to help you build a life you want to be present in.  I believe in a collaborative approach, beginning with meeting you where you're at, and with you as the expert of your experience.  My therapeutic presence focuses on acceptance and being nonjudgmental to help create a safe place to explore your emotions, behaviors, values, and goals for therapy.

In therapy, I provide an individualized approach for the needs of each client.  Together we will develop a plan of action to help you live a life that moves you towards what you value most.  Aspects we’ll focus on will include skill building, effective communication, and increasing your engagement in activities that provide a sense of joy, pleasure and achievement.  Reconnect with your life, wake up with a sense of purpose and satisfaction, foster fulfilling relationships, and be present in your experience.


I utilize a combination of Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Behavioral Activation and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, all with a foundation of mindfulness.  Incorporating role play, play therapy and art therapy can be helpful to include for clients.  For those who struggle with intense anxiety, exposures which include creating a scale and designing challenges to help face the source of distress can also be implemented.  To learn more, please visit my website to find additional information and schedule an appointment.