People ask you all the time, “How do you do it? You make things look so easy. You have the best diet and workout schedule, always have things done on time, help others, and still appear so put together?” Little do they know, you feel empty inside. That if things don't look perfect, or if you aren't staying busy all of the time- you will fall to pieces.

You spend the entire day thinking about the next meal…and the last meal. Your mind is a constant calculator of numbers. If you walk past a mirror, you either look away or immediately notice the part of you that you wish you could change. Going to the gym is a necessity. If you miss going, you are tormented the entire day by the voice in your head saying, “What’s wrong with you? Now you HAVE to compensate.”

You try to stay busy, so you don’t have to pay attention to what surfaces, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. And the cycle continues.

You are in this relationship with your eating disorder, and you are ready to break-up. This isn’t working for you anymore. But how?

How can you leave the one partner that has always been there for you?

Let us help you look at the ways this relationship keeps you stuck. We can help you discover the things in life that you truly value, not your ED or what other people tell you are important.

Maybe you can’t remember what life was like or who you were before the eating disorder came along. Now is the time to gain your independence and live life in the moment.

Reconnect to friends and loved ones. Go out to eat without fear of what is on the menu and how you will pay attention. Stop struggling and “just getting through it.” Enjoy the moments in your life. Recovery is possible.




Binge-eating disorder

Emotional eating

Compulsive exercise


Eating disorders and Maternal Mental Health

Body Image

What is different about our approach? In addition to teaching and practicing mindfulness and acceptance, exploring thoughts, emotions and behavioral experiences, we offer support by going with our clients to places that can be overwhelming. Trips to the grocery store, preparing food at home, clothes shopping, working out at the gym and going to restaurants can become more manageable, and even enjoyable!

Finding obstacles and barriers with fully expressing your experiences with words? We also use sensory integration, art, music and drama into our therapy.