At Bricolage Wellness, we will guide you to discover and explore your deeper, authentic self, and help you take action in your chosen direction.


It turns out life sometimes presents obstacles that make you lose sight of who you are. During these times, it really helps to have a safe space to open up and be honest about what you are experiencing.

We provide counseling services to those who are facing challenges in their life. This includes women experiencing perinatal anxiety and/or depression, eating disorders, and finding the “new norm” during major life transitions, as well as adolescents and millenials looking for autonomy clarity in their values.



We are here to listen AND
TO help you connect with your own
inner truth And values.

Perinatal mood & anxiety issues (PMAD)

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also be a time of real challenges. We provide individual counseling for women struggling with anxiety or depression, either prior to having the baby or postpartum. Additionally, we support our clients by providing home visits and including infants in those sessions. These issues often cause significant strain on relationships, therefore we sometimes work with the woman and her partner as a couple as part of the approach.

eating disorders & disordered eating

Eating disorders and disordered eating steal happiness and often become the focus of life. We provide individual counseling, teaching mindfulness and acceptance, exploring thoughts, emotions and behavioral experiences. We also offer experiential support services such as accompanying our clients to restaurants, the fitness center, grocery store and clothes shopping. This can be the perfect support as you begin to take more value-based actions in your life.

couples therapy

We utilize the well-known researched based Gottman Method when working with couples. We also include other approaches, such as Emotion Focused Therapy and ACT, to meet the needs of our couples. We want to help couples reconnect and begin to remember “how it used to be.”

If you partner isn't ready for therapy we welcome you to come alone. Often changes as one person changes the entire relationship will begin to shift.

In addition to the specialties above, other areas we treat include:

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • OCD

  • Mood Disorders

  • Women's Issues

  • Transitional Issues

  • Boundaries/ Codependency

  • Dual Diagnosis/ Addictions

  • Grief and Loss

Bricolage Wellness is LGBT+ Affirming.

Ready to make a move towards finding purpose and meaning?
to finding out what really matters?


At Bricolage, we give you the space to be the one who shares what life is like for you. When is the last time someone asked you, "What do you need?We also understand how challenging it can be when everyone else appears to be doing “so great”, and you feel like if you stop for one minute, everything will come toppling down. 

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When providing treatment to individuals, we take a thoughtful approach. By infusing various modes of psychotherapy, we are able to meet clients where they are at in the therapy process. Although these counseling models have been found effective in a multitude of studies, these theories are only an element of the therapeutic process as a whole. 

The most important component to facilitate change, is the relationship between the therapist and the client.

At Bricolage, we partner with clients to provide them with a safe environment, encouraging acceptance, validation and empowerment. Explore the resources below to discover more about what you can expect to experience throughout the counseling process.


Dawn Leprich-Graves, LCPC

Focusing on providing treatment to people experiencing:

  • eating disorders

  • perinatal (postpartum) depression, anxiety, OCD

  • birth trauma

  • relationship issues/ couples counseling

  • transitional issues

  • disconnection from purpose and meaning

Megan Eyrich,

Focusing on providing treatment to people experiencing:

  • anxiety and depression

  • perinatal (postpartum) depression, anxiety, OCD

  • grief and loss

  • life transitions

  • LGBTQIA+ related concerns

  • eating disorders

Colleen Lally,

Focusing on providing treatment to people experiencing:

  • eating disorders

  • substance abuse

  • depression, anxiety, OCD

  • LGBTQIA+ related issues

  • relationship issues

  • life transitions

Leslie Bradley, LCSW

Focusing on providing treatment to parents experiencing:

  • Transition to Parenthood concerns

  • Stressors related to navigating life as a parent of a child with special needs

Joy Walsh, LCSW

Focusing on providing treatment to women, millennials, and adolescents experiencing:

  • Lack of personal growth/ direction

  • Mood Disorders

  • Effects of stress

  • Effects of trauma

  • Relational boundary concerns

  • Loss

Karen Hild, LPC

Focusing on providing treatment to people experiencing:

  • Transitional issues

  • Effects of stress

  • Mood Disorders